Friday, January 2, 2009

2009? Give it a shake!

There is a movement among Sharky's Circle of friends to take control of this new year,
make it work for them. It's like childbirth, the child must be manhandled a bit to wake it from its dependent complacency.

What are the things you would shake up to get them "on track" this year?

I can put it in a few simple words write, paint and design, MORE!
But under writing I'll include language learning. Spanish and French.
Also working on a story that keeps popping up in my mind, and trying
to shake that into existence.

Painting? Well there is the kind you do on canvas and the kind you do on your walls.
I see me painting on canvas with oils this year, oils are a luxurious medium.

We did enough painting on walls in the closing days of 2008 to satisfy me for a while.

Design? It has to move, so I'll shake up my Flash skills.

That is as far as i will go towards the traditional New Year's Resolution List.
Someone might hold me to it. In this case I'll put forward a 2009 Motto:
No excuses!


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